Big Allotment Challenge Cucumbers

Growing Cucumbers

The contestants from Episode 2 grew the following varieties of cucumber. They are very tasty when homegrown and should be cut when 6 to 8 inches in length. Feed every 10 to 14 days with a liquid fertiliser.


Lena selected Burpless Tasty Green – £2.50 for 20 seeds – available here >>


Chose to grow Burpless Tasty Green which is sweet and crunchy. Will grow outside or in the greenhouse. Sow these in February and March so that they are ready to put outside in May when the danger of frost has passed.


Grew Burpless Tasty Green


Chose to grow Boothby’s Blonde  – Originate from Livermore, Maine USA – these thrive in rich soil full of organic matter, keep picking once mature to ensure a heavy crop.


Chose to grow F1 Prima Top


Chose to grow Obelix


Chose to grow Marketmore – £1.49 for 25 seeds – available here >>


Chose to grow Marketmore

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