Arbour Colours for 2024

Arbour Colours for 2024

There are many different paint colours available for painting your arbour, arch or pergola.

Beaumont Blue Arbour Colour

Beaumont Blue

Make painting easier. Spray with the accuracy of a brush but at the speed of a spray.  An Arbour Spray and Brush is available here >>. 

These are beautiful places to sit and enjoy your garden space or allotment. When you’ve been hard at work and need some time to yourself then these are ideal for relaxation. Each season brings different colours to your garden  and here is your ideal vantage point.

You can find a beautiful high quality Arbour in steel tubing here – Check if it’s available >>

Painted Garden Arbours

Your plain wood corner arbour will need to be protected from the elements. Many that you buy will have a 10 year anti rot guarantee. However if it’s in the shade for a lot of the time then moss will settle and dampness during winter will reduce the lifespan.

Have a look at the colour ideas shown below to imagine how your arbour or arch could look with a coating of paint. Depending on your choice the paint will allow the grain of the wood to shine through. There is at least a 4 year guarantee too.

Cuprinol Shades offers lots of options from Barleywood to Silver Birch, and from What Daisy to Purple Pansy. Muted Clay will make your garden look like a National Trust property !

Maybe your children or grand children have an old playhouse which could do with being brightened up ? Get the whole family involved to transform your play area.

Barleywood Arbour Colour


Beach Blue Arbour Colour

Beach Blue

Beaumont Blue Arbour Colour

Beaumont Blue

Black Ash Arbour Colour

Black Ash

Coastal Mist Arbour Colour

Coastal Mist

Painted Garden Arbours

Country Cream

Dazzling Yellow Arbour Colour

Dazzling Yellow

Deep Russet Arbour Colour

Deep Russet

Forest Mushroom Arbour Colour

Forest Mushroom

Dusky Gem Arbour Colour

Dusky Gem

Forget Me Not Arbour Colour

Forget Me Not

Rosemary Arbour Colour


Honey Mango Arbour Colour

Honey Mango

Iris Arbour Colour


Lavender Arbour Colour


Muted Clay Arbour Colour

Muted Clay

Natural Stone Arbour Colour

Natural Stone

Old English Green Arbour Colour

Old English Green

Olive Garden Arbour Colour

Olive Garden

Pale Jasmine Arbour Colour

Pale Jasmine

Purple Pansy Arbour Colour

Purple Pansy

Sage Arbour Colour


Seagrass Arbour Colour


Seasoned Oak Arbour Colour

Seasoned Oak

Silver Birch Arbour Colour

Silver Birch

Somerset Green Arbour Colour

Somerset Green

Summer Damson Arbour Colour

Summer Damson

Sunny Lime Arbour Colour

Sunny Lime

Sweet Pea Arbour Colour

Sweet Pea

Sweet Sundae Arbour Colour

Sweet Sundae

Terracotta Arbour Colour


Urban Slate Arbour Colour

Urban Slate

White Daisy Arbour Colour

White Daisy

Wild Thyme Arbour Colour

Wild Thyme

Willow Arbour Colour