Top 10 Greenhouses for 2024

Cheap Greenhouses Top 10 Options for 2024

Here are our top 10 cheap affordable greenhouse reviews for 2024. We’ve compiled a list of cheap, budget and mid range greenhouses from various retailers further down this page, but right below are some great greenhouse deals

Cheap Greenhouses Options

Cheap Greenhouse with Aluminium Frame - Silver Colour

Aluminium Frame 6×4 Harmony Cheap Greenhouse

This 6ft x 4ft aluminium frame greenhouse is a great choice for those on a limited budget. It’s one of our top 10 cheap greenhouses. There is FREE DELIVERY. Whilst the instructions need carefully following once constructed this will do the job for you. The glazing is polycarbonate and height is 2.08m.
Price £437       Visit seller’s website to check availability

Cheap Greenhouse 6 x 8

6×8 Twinwall Value Greenhouse

This is a sturdy 6×4 greenhouse which comes with a strong steel base and roof vent which should deal with the worst of the storms. Although slightly cheaper there is a lockable door handle, polycarbonate glazing and many consistent reviews suggest it will look extremely smart in your garden.
Price £460       Visit seller’s website to check availability

Budget Greenhouses - Brown

6×3 Billy Oh Lincoln Wooden Greenhouse

This 6ft x 3ft comes at a fantastic cheap price for gardeners who want the wooden look on a budget. The wood has been pretreated and the glazing is polycarbonate. It has an apex design and we love the double doors which open outwards.
Price £417      Visit seller’s website to check availability

Lean To Greenhouse 4 x 2

Lean To Greenhouse 4 x 2

This 4ft x 2ft Lean To style silver aluminium greenhouse is ideal to position against a garage wall in a smaller garden. The construction is really simple and there is enough space to grow a good crop of tomatoes. There is an open vent at the top for warm sunny days when your plants need extra ventilation. A great cheap and value option.
Price £204.99       Visit seller’s website to check availability

Mid-Range Greenhouses

Palram Greenhouse - Green

6×8 Palram Green Harmony Greenhouse

This 6ft x 8ft greenhouse has a high headroom giving you lots of space. It has a magnetic door catch and there is no glass to shatter or break.
Price £630       Visit seller’s website

Mid range greenhouses

6×8 Snap and Grow Greenhouse

This 6×8 greenhouse comes with a galvanized steel base included and smart lock connectors. It has got some fantastic reviews and will pay for itself quickly as you are able to grow your own flowers rather than buying from a garden centre.
Price £358     Visit seller’s website

horticultural glass greenhouse

5×6 Horticultural Glass Greenhouse and Base

This 5ft x 6ft comes with horticultural glass and a 12 year frame guarantee. Green painted aluminium
Price £549       Visit seller’s website

Top of the Range Greenhouses

5×6 Toughened Glass Greenhouse and Base

This green house 5x6ft has toughened glass.
Price £699       Visit seller’s website

8×12 Green Hobby Gardener Twinwall Greenhouse

If you need an extra large greenhouse with lots of room for growing then the green hobby greenhouse is one for you. This 8ft x 12ft comes with push n fit resin connectors. The glazing is acrylic and all fixings are supplied.
Price £1349       Visit seller’s website

cedar greenhouse

6×8 Cedar Greenhouse by Gabriel Ash

This 6ft x 8ft apex style cedar greenhouse is rot free and has 2 roof vents and 2 side vents. It has toughened glass to BS6206. This is sure to impress the neighbours and will last for years.
Price £1795       Visit seller’s website

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