Planter Colours – Plant Pots for Outdoors

Planter Colours – Plant Pots for Outdoors

What colour should you paint your outdoor planters ? What is the best colour for planters?

Here are some ideas for planter colours.

We are showing you wooden planters which have been painted in a huge range of different colours.

There is something for everyone.

You can buy Wooden Planters and Metal Planters here >>

The colours shown below from the Cuprinol Shades range can be broken down into the following categories : Neutrals, Blues & Violets, Greens & Limes, Oranges & Yellows and Reds & Pinks.

Do planters need drainage holes?

  • The soil in planters often looks dry at the top
  • At the bottom it is often soggy due to overwatering
  • Add some pebbles or stones at the base
  • For wooden planters if there are none already then you can drill drainage holes

What is the best wood for planters ?

Two kinds of wood that are most suitable for planters are redwood and cedar:

  • Cedar – a rot resistant wood that can last up to 15 years
  • Redwood – lasts up to 20 years
  • Treated pine

To protect the wood you could also line with thin plastic.

Old English Green Planter Colour

Old English Green

They are available ready mixed and can be purchased from Wickes.

There are some beautiful Pots and Planters available here >>

Planter Colours to Mix

We love the Sweet Pea coloured planter and also Sunny Lime. If you visit a specialist store, colour mixing may be available. Here are a few in the Greens and Limes group: Gated Forest, Emerald Stone, Wild Eucalyptus, Misty Lawn, Green Orchid, Zingy Lime, Juicy Grapes and First Leaves.

Trough Planters

The planter illustrated is a square cube shape but search around and you’ll find a blank canvas planter in trough shapes, window boxes, cylinders or cones. Planters are often sold in sets of 2 and 3. So you can spread the paint colour across all of them. Planter size can range from just 30cm to over 1 metre.

Outdoor Planter Colours

It will take between 1 and 4 hours for the paint to be touch dry and is recoatable in 4 to 8 hours. Lifespan is up to 5 years and it can be washed down afterwards without peeling. Ideal for after the winter when dirt and moss have settled.

Make the most of the natural outdoors and chill out with your plants by your side ! Next job … using the paint for garden furniture colours

Cube Shaped Planters

Barleywood Planter Colour


Beach Blue Planter Colour

Beach Blue

Beaumont Blue Planter Colour

Beaumont Blue

Black Ash Planter Colour

Black Ash

Coastal Mist Planter Colour

Coastal Mist

Country Cream Planter Colour

Country Cream

Dazzling Yellow Planter Colour

Dazzling Yellow

Deep Russet

Deep Russet

Dusky Gem Planter Colour

Dusky Gem

Forest Mushroom Planter Colour

Forest Mushroom

Fresh Rosemary Planter Colour

Fresh Rosemary

Honey Mango Planter Colour

Honey Mango

Iris Planter Colour


Lavender Planter Colour


Muted Clay Planter Colour

Muted Clay

Natural Stone Planter Colour

Natural Stone

Old English Green Planter Colour

Old English Green

Olive Garden Planter Colour

Olive Garden

Pale Jasmine Planter Colour

Pale Jasmine

Purple Pansy Planter Colour

Purple Pansy

Sage Planter Colour


Seagrass Planter Colour


Seasoned Oak Planter Colour

Seasoned Oak

Somerset Green

Somerset Green

Summer Damson Planter Colour

Summer Damson

Sunny Lime

Sunny Lime

Swet Pea

Sweet Pea

Sweet Sundae Planter Colour

Sweet Sundae



Urban Slate

Urban Slate

White Daisy

White Daisy

Wild Thyme

Wild Thyme



Silver Birch Planter Colour

Silver Birch

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