Shed colours for 2020

Did you realise just how many paint colours are available for painting a shed ?

It’s time to cheer up the allotment shed with a fresh coat of paint. Transform it into a colourful, stylish feature or give it a gentle refresh with a subtle colour. One pot should do the trick on a small shed, although if you want to paint inside too you may need an extra tin.

While you’re doing the shed you could also transform your wooden planters with some interesting colours and your wooden garden furniture too. All you need is some sandpaper, a paintbrush and a pot of paint.

Here is one colour suggestion. Seagrass could be coupled with pale jasmine. The seagrass could be used on your planters.

Bird boxes can be painted with Cuprinol Shades. Perhaps you are looking for something creative to keep the children occupied for half a day during the summer months ? Try these colours to liven up your bird feeder: Beach blue, Sunny Lime, Sweet Sundae and Sweet Pea could be used in a variety of horizontal or vertical stripes.

Beach huts often get quite a battering from the weather over the winter and spring/summer provides opportunities to splash one some new paint. The same paint we suggested for bird boxes could make for a dramatic statement of colour on a beach hut !

Cuprinol Shades guarantee 4 years of protection and we have shown an example below of what each paint colour could do. Click on your favourite example shed and a link will take you through to a recommended retailer. Decide today and you could have it delivered and ready for the weekend ahead !

Arabian Sand


Black Ash

Country Cream

Deep Russet

Forget Me Not



Natural Stone

Pale Jasmine



Somerset Green

Summer Damson

Sweet Pea

Urban Slate

White Daisy

Wild Thyme