Garden Fence Colours for 2024

Garden Fence Colours for 2024

What colour should I paint my garden fence ?

How do you choose fence colours ? It depends on your own individual preference but we thought it would be a good idea to illustrate how your fence paint colour would look before you buy. These colours are also great as shed colours.

Look at all the many examples below on this page and you should definitely find some inspiration.

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The Cuprinol brand offers a wide range of fence paints including Cuprinol 5 Year Ducksback. This has a 5 year weather and colour protection and is shower proof in just 1 hour.  It’s available in 5 litre and 9 litre tins.

How do I pick fence paint colours ?

To really stand out and make a statement use Garden Shades. Try Urban Slate grey fence paint from the Neutrals range or Sunny Lime from the Greens and Limes range. These could also be used on the garden gate(s) and planters.

What fence colours make a garden look bigger ?

For a smaller shed garden use pale colours.

This will reflect the light better and will make the garden appear sunnier.

How do you prepare a garden fence for painting ?

Before you start painting

  • 1. Clean off all the loose vegetation and any cobwebs or dirt.

  • 2. A timber brush would help with the clean up.

  • 3. Give it a power wash before getting on with painting

  • 4. Make sure the fence is completely dry.

How many fence panels will 5 litres of paint cover ?

  • 10 panels
  • 1 coat per panel
  • Up to 30m2
Barleywood Garden Fence Colours


Beach Blue Garden Fence Colour

Beach Blue paint

Beaumont Blue Garden Fence Colour

Beaumont Blue

Black Ash Garden Fence Colour

Black Ash

Coastal Mist Garden Fence Colour

Coastal Mist

Country Cream Garden Fence Colour

Country Cream

Dazzling Yellow Garden Fence Colour

Dazzling Yellow

Deep Russet Garden Fence Colour

Deep Russet

Dusky Gem Garden Fence Colour

Dusky Gem

Forest Mushroom Garden Fence Colour

Forest Mushroom

Forget Me Not Garden Fence Colour

Forget Me Not

Fresh Rosemary Garden Fence Colour

Fresh Rosemary

Honey Mango Garden Fence Colour

Honey Mango

Iris Garden Fence Colour


Lavender Garden Fence Colour


Muted Clay Garden Fence Colour

Muted Clay

Natural Stone

Natural Stone

Old English Green

Old English Green

Olive Garden Garden Fence Colour

Olive Garden

Pale Jasmine

Pale Jasmine



Somerset Green

Somerset Green

Summer Damson Garden Fence Colour

Summer Damson

Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea

Terracotta Garden Fence Colour


Urban Slate

Urban Slate

White Daisy Garden Fence Colour

White Daisy

Wild Thyme

Wild Thyme

Willow Garden Fence Colour


Purple Pansy

Purple Pansy

Sage Garden Fence Colour


Seasoned Oak Garden Fence Colour

Seasoned Oak

Silver Birch Garden Fence Colours

Silver Birch

Sunny Lyme

Sunny Lime

Sweet Sundae

Sweet Sundae

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