Top 10 Garden Sheds

Budget Sheds

6×4 Reverse Apex Wood Shed

This 6×4 reverse apex overlapped shed is made from European softwood. It can be used for storing your tools and equipment or for potting plants. Add a shed colour for a more personal touch. It’s a good choice if you have only a small area available.
Price £184       Visit seller’s website

5×4 Billy Oh Partner Mini Apex Metal Shed

This 5×4 Billy Oh metal shed is made from thin-gauged, hot-dipped galvanised steel for extra durability. It provides a simple storage solution for all of your garden equipment.
Price £169       Visit seller’s website

7×5 Billy Oh Rustic Overlap Apex Shed

This 7×5 Rustic Overlap shed has an attractive rustic timber construction. It’s a good solution for storing all your tools and has a small window.
Price £225       Visit seller’s website

6 x 4 Palram Skylight Fronted Apex Plastic Shed

This 6×4 Palram skylight shed is made from polycarbonate panels reinforced with a metal frame. It’s extremely durable and the skylight allows natural light into the shed while maintaining your privacy.
Price £369       Visit seller’s website

Mid-range Sheds

8×6 Billy Oh 4000 Classic Shed

This 8×6 Billy Oh 4000 wood shed is one the of the best-selling sheds on the market. It uses tongue and groove boards for extra durability and has plenty of room for all your equipment.
Price £285       Visit seller’s website

8×6 Apex Shiplap Wooden Shed

This 8×6 apex shiplap shed is made from European softwood. It has double-doors and can be used for storing your tools and larger pieces of equipment. It’s an ideal choice for a medium-sized shed.
Price £399.98       Visit seller’s website

8×4 Windsor Shiplap Pent Shed

This 8×4 Windsor shiplap shed has a 10-year anti-rot guarantee. There are four fixed windows and the roof and floor are solid sheet construction for extra durability.
Price £479.99       Visit seller’s website

Top of the Range Sheds

8×6 Shed Plus Champion Heavy Duty Workshop with Log Store

This 8×6 heavy duty workshop shed has a covered log store to one side. The heavy duty wooden boards have a 15-year anti-rot guarantee while the robust framework ensures security.
Price £699.99       Visit seller’s website for 5% off

10×6 Traditional Heavy Pent Shed

This 10×6 traditional heavy pent shed is constructed from heavy duty tongue and groove boards. There are three windows, two of which are fixed and one is opening.
Price £799.95       Visit seller’s website for 5% off

12×10 Billy Oh 5000 Greenkeeper Workshop Premium Shed

This 12×10 windowless greenskeeper workshop is constructed from tongue and groove boards for a premium finish. It has doors on two sides for maximum accessibility.
Price £859      Visit seller’s website