The Sun and the Rain

Good Day Sunshine

Looking at the weather forecast for the coming few days gave us extra impetus to head to the plot. The last day of guaranteed warm, sunny weather also bought out a bunch of other fellow plotters, all keen to get jobs done before conditions return to ‘normal’.

A little rain would be welcome we think, but please, not a drop more than that.

Enter Sandman

After some advice from neighbouring allotmenteers we bought a couple of bags of grit-sand from a local builders’ merchants and dumped it onto the plot where the clay soil really needs breaking up.

We’re not expecting miracles but even a little improvement in the consistency of the soil would be more than welcome.

Seeds of Change

Activity in the cold frame seems to be continuing apace. Perhaps there’s a bit of seed oneupmanship going on?

Rocket and radish are still well out in the lead but coming up on the outside are worthy contenders such as iceberg lettuce, onions and romanesco cauliflower.

It’s about now that we wonder if we’ve gone a bit over the top with planting seeds and wonder if we’ll need to triple the size of the plot in order to grow them all to maturity without overcrowding becoming an issue.

Time will tell.

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