What To Do This Week

There’s always something to do on the plot 🙂 Even at this time of year when it might look soggy and uninviting there are plenty of jobs you can do to increase your chances of a bumper harvest later in the year.

Last week brought more rain but there were definitely the first signs of spring with snowdrops and crocuses appearing in abundance. Temperatures weren’t as low as they have been recently and the sun was spotted briefly once or twice.

This coming week looks much the same on the rain and temperatures are rising slightly. It’s pretty dismal but if you think you can dodge the rain showers do consider tackling some of the tasks on the list below.

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  1. Order your seeds for the coming year.
  2. Spread compost on your planting areas and, if possible, dig it in.
  3. Sow aubergines, tomatoes and cucumbers in a propagator.
  4. Prune your soft fruit bushes.
  5. Give the plot a good tidy up in preparation for the busy times ahead.

Later in the week we’ll be going into more detail about some of the jobs on the list. So, if you’re unsure of how to do something, or aren’t sure why you should be doing it, visit us again and all will be revealed.

Happy plotting!

Book of the Week: Compost: How to Make and use Organic Compost to Transform Your Garden by Clare Foster. Published by Mitchell Beazley.

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