Gardeners World 2014 Episode 23

Episode 23 – Friday 5th September 2014

Autumn fruiting and Summer fruiting Raspberries

Monty is talking in detail about raspberries and the difference between autumn fruiting raspberries and summer raspberries. The autumn fruit should now be perfectly ripe. Fall Gold which are yellow!! and Autumn Bliss are two varieties. Once they’ve finished delivering fruit in October and even November simply hack them down to the ground and they will be ready for next year.

Tidy Up the Raspberry Canes

He suggests now is a good time to get out and tidy up the raspberry canes from summer. Those that have flowered this year, and which have turned woody, can be removed to leave the new shoots which will deliver fruit next year.  He thinks that 5-6 strong new canes per plant is about right.  The root system can only support so much fruit. Weave twine to hold the shoots into place over the winter.

Planting Bluebells

Monty is planting some bluebell bulbs.

English bluebell or Spanish Bluebell

The Spanish variety is more invasive and they hybridise so keep to English if possible. Simply scatter them at random and then plant in at twice their own depth with a trowel. Shrubs and light woodland is the best place for them.

Horatio’s Garden in Salisbury

Specifically for patients with spinal injuries who can be in the Duke of Cornwall Spinal Treatment Centre for several months. The garden was made possible from funds raised following the death of Horatio Chapple from a polar bear attack in Svalbard, and now allows patients to enjoy the outdoors in either wheelchairs or hospital beds. It is a wonderful garden designed by Cleve West and RHS Chelsea prize winner.

Jobs to get on with this week for allotmenteers and gardeners

  • Ripen tomatoes – remove all foliage from plants allowing as much sunlight as possible through.
  • Plant spring greens. e.g. Durham green. They will start to grow in February/ March and then be ready to harvest in April and May. Sprinkle some compost around them.

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