Gardeners World Episode 3

Episode 3 – Friday 21st March 2014

Monty is really feeling Spring this week. Despite the storms in January and February  the weather has been a lot more settled more recently. We have passed the Spring equinox and the best gardening days of the year are ahead.

Carol introduces us to a young family in Gloucestershire who she will be working with throughout the year. They have a very typical sized garden but at the moment its very bare. She will be taking them though the process of  planting and developing the space including growing salads and vegetables in raised beds. They have some chickens already so it will be interesting to see if they stick around or whether the limited space will mean they have to go.

Joe Swift is up in Northumberland looking at a garden which sits in the bottom of a valley. There are great extremes of temperature and this therefore presents a challenge to her growing strategy. The flowers are grown tightly packed so as to inhibit the development of weeds.

Down at Longmeadow Monty is clearing out the pond of leaves amongst other things

Jobs to get on with now for allotmenteers and gardeners

  • Time to take some plants outside from the greenhouse. But watch out . At this time of year the days can be warm but the nights can be very cold so if you’re expecting some cold nights put some horticultural fleece over the plants at night until they have hardened off.
  • To prevent slugs attacking seedlings put a cup of beer nearby and the slugs will always make for that instead. Once inside the cup they will drown 🙁 but your seedlings will be in tact.
  • Thin seedlings so that they are equally spread and each has time to develop
  • Can start sowing salad plants direct now
  • Great year for rhubarb. Pull out the stem rather than cut it.


Here’s the link on BBC IPlayer if you have time to watch the Gardeners World episode 3 >>

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