Gardeners’ World Episode 9

Episode 9 – Friday 9th May 2014

Monty, Carole and Joe are visiting the RHS Malvern Spring Festival Show this week. Its not been the sunniest of weeks but as they say… the show must go on…..

The Malvern Show is a great place to buy plants and pick up some new ideas for your garden.

Joe is looking at the show gardens including one which is called Living With Parkinsons. Rupert Keys and Ruth Gwynn have developed a garden which evokes the actions and emotions that Parkinson sufferers go through. There are plenty of other Gold show gardens including the “At Home On The Beach”  which takes a bit of getting used to in showery English weather !

Shuttifield Cottage in Birchwood is profiled and once again this is open on the National Open Gardens programme. It has been developed over 45 years by the current owners and covers 30 acres – 20 acres of which is woodland. The garden has simply evolved with the owners with no single plan developed at the beginning. However it is now well worth a visit. Its not far from the Malvern Show on Herefordshire.

Jobs to get on with this week for allotmenteers and gardeners

  • Weeding is back on the menu at this time of the year. Monty thinks that it is extremely therapeutic and surely many other gardeners can empathise
  • Support Peas before they get tangled up. Use netting or spare twigs.
  • Leave deadhead tulips and daffodils to wilt and all the energy will return to the soil ready for next years crop. Don’t be tempted to cut them off and place in the compost bin.


Here’s the link on BBC iPlayer if you have time to watch the Gardeners World episode 9 >> 

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