Digging It Out

It Will Rain

There’s some excellent weather coming up. A good combination of warmer temperatures, plenty of sunshine and occasional heavy showers.

We haven’t seen much weed activity yet but think that the current conditions are going to kickstart their growth.

At least if the weeds are growing we know that the soil is up to temperature for planting out the contents of the coldframe.

A Hard Rain’s A-Gonna Fall

Quite out of the blue a hail storm passed over the plot. It didn’t last long but made up for it in the size of the icy pellets it threw down.

Once the coast was clear we resumed our activities. Still top of the list of jobs to be done is digging.

After plonking sharp-sand on some of the beds last week and digging it in we think there has been an improvement in the consistency of the soil.

Perhaps this is due to the sharp-sand. Perhaps it’s due to the soil drying out a bit. Perhaps it’s simply because we’ve been digging it. Who really knows?

Having said that, the sharp-sand was cheap – from a builders’ merchant – and it certainly won’t do any harm so we consider it a job well done.

Destination Unknown

Life in the coldframe continues to evolve. The rocket and radish seedlings are quite sturdy now. Some as yet unidentified seeds have broken the soil surface in one of the trays.

The plastic marker says ‘Chinese cabbage’ but these seedlings definitely aren’t. Time will tell what they grow into but a bit of amateur detective work in the meantime might solve the mystery.

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