Big Allotment Challenge Peas

Growing Peas

The contestants from Episode 3 grew the following varieties of peas which needed to be blemish free, uniform and very straight. Pest defences included plenty of netting.


Chose to grow Panthers. These are a heritage variety. For a show this should have 9 peas. To check before showing you can hold them up against the light.


Chose to grow Ambassador and achieved uniformity but the peas were a little underdeveloped with another 2 weeks required to reach more maturity – £2.69 for packet of 300 seeds – you can buy here >>


Hurst Greenshaft – £2.99 for 250 seeds – available here >>


Hurst Greenshaft – Alan used the cordon method and they were superior to Alexandra’s crop


Ambassador – Sandra got good uniformity in here show peas.


Kelvedon Wonder – £2.99 for 250 seeds – available here >>. This is a heavy cropper but a dwarf variety with 3 to 6 peas in the pod. Lena used silver birch to support the peas as they develop and sowed peas successionally.


Show Perfection – often used for showing. JoJo used the cordon method. (Snip off the side shoots and grow up a cane) Jim Buttress was expecting up to 10 peas and got them He duly awarded JoJo with Best in Show again.

She was congratulated by Alan who was a close runner up.

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