Big Allotment Challenge Tomatoes

Growing Tomatoes

The contestants from Episode 4 grew the following varieties of tomatoes.

Tomatoes are best grown inside ideally in a greenhouse but are susceptible to disease. Transplant into a nutrient rich compost once the roots have filled the initial pot. Don’t let the greenhouse get too hot and provide plenty of ventilation. Once the fruit appears feed regularly with potassium rich fertiliser very week. Make sure you remove ripe tomatoes as soon as they are ready to encourage goodness to channel into the other tomatoes.

The gardeners need to present 7 medium or 9 small tomatoes on show day.

Tumbler – chosen by Rekha

These were planted outside and became bushy due to a lack of attention. £2.19 for 6 seeds – view here >>

Red Alert – Lena

£2.99 for 30 seeds – available here >>

Alicante – Sandra

mid size tomatoes which Sandra grew using the cordon method £2.09 for 100 seeds – available here >>

Shirley – Alan

Disaster strikes for Alan as his tomatoes begin to rot due to blosson end rot. This is caused by lack of calcium and poor ventilation. He keeps some going but removes the side windows from the greenhouse as a drastic measure to get back in the game. £3.99 for 10 seeds – available here >>

Sungold – Best in Show (Jojo)

This is quite a small tomato with a yellowy colour. £2.99 for 10 seeds – available here >>


Gardeners Delight – Rob

Rob planted some outside which became covered in greenfly. He ordered some ladybirds through the post and then positioned these on the tomatoes to clear the greenfly.  He suggests removing sideshoots and then placing in water until roots begin to form. They can then be replanted thus avoiding having to start again from seed ! £2.09 for 65 seeds – available here >>

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