Gardeners World 2015 Episode 20

Gardeners World 2015 Episode 20

Episode 20 – Friday 7th August 2015

An allotment in South Wales

Joe visits Llanharry in South Wales to meet Bill on his allotment. He is an expert at growing show quality vegetables. His cabbage is around 70 – 80 lbs in weight and 14 feet in circumference. The marrows are the size of crocodiles !! He covers these with blankets as the direct sunlight can blister the skin.

How does he achieve such large vegetables ? Everything is organic except for a molass feed which is added to the leaves. Bill produces his own seeds from the previous years plants.

Hedge cutting season

Now is a good time to be pruning hedges and Monty has saved two yews from a hedge to shape into a sculpture of Nigel the dog. Will be interesting to see how it shapes up next year 🙂

How to plant cabbages ?

There is some space where the potatoes were and Monty is planting some cabbages. These need planting firmly otherwise the wind will blow them all over the place. Add some garden compost as feed and protect from cabbage white butterfly with a a netting barrier. The net must be small to ensure the butterfly doesn’t get through as just one will create havoc.

Jobs to get on with this week for allotmenteers and gardeners if you are going away on holiday

  • cut the grass but not too short
  • harvest as much from your allotment as possible and store it or give it away to family, friends or neighbours
  • check borders to make sure everything is firm and staked whatever the weather. Summer storms can be very damaging to fresh growth in your garden
  • move pots together and out of the wind, then water well before departing for holiday. There will be less evaporation when they are grouped together.

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