Gardeners World 2016 Episode 1

Gardeners World 2016 Episode 1

Episode 1 – Friday 4th March 2016

Monty Don is back with Nigel and a new addition Nellie. Monty has plenty on his hands with Nellie who is somewhat more lively and mischievous than the sedate Nigel.

Snowdrops and Daffodils

Monty is looking round the snowdrops and daffodils. Everything is moving along earlier than usual due to the mild winter. He thinks that now is a good time to split out the snowdrops so that they can cover more of Longmeadow next year. Dig down and keep the root growth with the plants above to provide ideal splitting of bunches.

Carol Klein visits a hillside garden in Wales. The plants here are chosen to withstand the frequent windy conditions.

The Salutation is a 3  1/2 acre garden in Sandwich, Kent which has been restored but suffered the effects of a tidal surge in 2013. About 15000 plants were lost but the head gardener has replanted and redesigned the mixed borders. Dahlias are incorporated thoughout and the garden is already looking well on the road to recovery.

Tree Nursery in Worcester

Joe Swift is at a tree nursery in Worcester. Considerations are space primarily but most trees can tolerate a wide range of soil conditions. The average sized garden is 14m by 14m.

  • Flower, fruit, autumn colour are all characteristics of crab apple trees and provide food for birds in the winter.
  • Silver birch is a great feature tree and will always look fresh
  • For tiny gardens patio trees are ideal but these need to be potted on every 2 years to allow good growth. They also need to be well watered and fed.

 Jobs for the weekend

  • Autumn fruiting raspberries should be cut down to the ground now. This is in contrast to the summer fruiting which should be left
  • Clematis can be cut back to stimulate fresh shoots for this years flowers
  • Sow chilli seeds now if you have somewhere warm for them to germinate. Needs to be 20 degrees C at least.
  • Pick primroses for Mothering Sunday